How To Know When You Must Change Your Workout Routine


What is the one most important thing that is a requirement to any workout routine, or let alone any type of our daily activities?

Progression. To move forward daily, no matter how small.

When You Should Change Your Workout Routine

If you are not seeing “gains” or your body has adapted considerably enough, you must switch up your goals with a new workout routine.

No matter whether one be a gymnast, bodybuilder or athlete, progression is always the most important thing

How Do you Know if You’re Not Progressing?

This should be an easy answer and the clues are everywhere.

Lack of change in body composition, not improving in performance and probably the easiest way to spot: the workouts feel too easy.

As Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, has always said “All positive adaptation comes through intensity.”

The Bulgarian weightlifters were known for being the best weightlifters in their time and their workout routine was simple: lift as heavy as you can everyday.

Best Way to Prevent Stagnation

The best way to know whether you are progressing or not is to measure your results and retest.

Make goals, prepare accordingly with a plan and a workout routine that can accomplish those goals, then measure and test.

Progression everyday is the key to true success in any endeavor. Our evolution comes through our progression. This is a biological fact.

Remember, as long as you are moving forward, you’re not moving backwards nor are you in the terrible state of stagnation.

The Gym Is A Metaphor For Our Lives

The gym is a great metaphor for the obstacles we face throughout our daily lives.

The heavy weights cause us stress just as much as a financial problem.

How do we deal with the heavy weights?

We lift heavy today so we can lift heavier tomorrow.

How do we deal with a financial problem?

We improve our financial situation today in order to have a better one in the future.

What’s similar in both cases? Progression.

Do yourself a favor and read up on the Lean30’s take on Bruce Lee’s philosophy and how it can enhance your fitness.

No matter what you may be doing, whether it be in fitness, financially, or in your relationships, always remember to ask yourself: Am I progressing?

If not, you’re probably doing something wrong. Do what humans do best. Adapt and change accordingly.

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