Gymnastics And How To Build An Incredibly Awesome Upper Body

Gymnastics is the king when it comes to upper body development.

One look at any of the Olympic teams and I doubt you’ll disagree. It has been said that you can take any athlete out of any sport, mix up a variety of different physical challenges and the athlete that practices gymnastics will usually always win.

Herculean Upper Body Development

If your goals are to build an upper body that is both functional and looks good at the same time, look no further. All beginners welcome.

The question remains, how do you begin to incorporate a gymnastics program for the everyday gym warrior?

With two moves, the frog stand and the tuck front lever. As with all programs, most especially gymnastics, progression is key.

How To Start

Success at these gymnastics exercises requires consistent incremental improvements.

Do not seek improvement quickly or become frustrated after only a few weeks.

You would not poke a seed into the ground and then jump back waiting for the plant to explode out instantly.

You must be patient with physical conditioning also. While you may become more skillful or feel more powerful while performing a new exercise relatively quickly, this is due to becoming more neurologically efficient.

It takes approximately 6 weeks to establish the first concrete strength gains. In other words, make haste – slowly. Gymnastics is a game of patience and hard work.

The Frog Stand

The first exercise is quite simple.

Begin this position by assuming a full squat and placing your hands on the ground directly in front of your feet. By directly, I mean right next to your toes. Arrange yourself so that your knees are resting against your bent elbows.

Now gradually lean forward taking your weight both unto your hands and also unto your knees by leaning them on your elbows. Using your knees on your elbows will allow your legs to help your shoulders bear the load of your bodyweight.

As you continue leaning forward you will eventually be able to remove your feet completely from the floor and hold yourself up with only your hands on the floor and your knees on your elbows for support.

Balance is also a key to this exercise. As you first begin to learn how to lean forward in this position, you will often probably overextend and fall forward. Don’t worry have fun with it and enjoy some new training. Some pillows placed in front of you will help to cushion any crash landings.

Continue holding sets of this position until you have reached your one minute total time than repeat for sets.


The Tuck Front Lever

Using any kind of comfortable support (chin-up bar, tree branch, rings etc.), hang using an overhand grip.

Bring your knees to your chest and then strive to lift your hips in front of you while at the same time leaning back with your shoulders.

This is however, a very difficult position for beginners and you will probably need to build up to it gradually.

At first, simply lift your hips as high as you can and begin timing your sets.

As before, combine your sets until reaching a total time of 60 seconds.

Upon reaching a 60-second hold in a single set, continue to add more sets.

In Gymnastics, Time Is Your Best Friend

Remember, time is your best friend and you should not expect results quickly. Anything that promises quick results regarding fitness is a lie and should be avoided like the plague.

The secret to staying with the gymnastics program? Keep at it. Then keep at it. Then keep at it.

Extreme strength, a great build, and a lot of fun -all done in minutes per day. What more could one ask for from a workout?


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