Why Your Mindset Matters Much More Than Your Muscles

Mindset Is Your Best Asset

Let’s start this off with a simple question. What is the one thing that is preventing you from reaching your physique goals? Write it down on a notebook. Take some time with it. Now burn the paper (in a safe manner). This is the mindset that is preventing you from getting to where you want to be.

Your mindset is what allows you to be able to not only overcome obstacles and impediments as they surely will come, it is what will guide you throughout your fitness journey towards aesthetic greatness.

The difference between top performers and the rest is the mindset that is adopted by these individuals. Where one person sees an obstacle, another sees a challenge. Where one sees difficulty, another sees an opportunity for greatness.

Before you begin to look over any workout routine or fitness program, know that the consistency and habits that you build along the way will be the building blocks for what you will become. As you do today, so will you become tomorrow.

Struggling doing pull-ups? Is working out in front of others a great fear of yours? Still can’t quite get that squat you’ve ben attempting for over a year? Good.

Evolution Is Adaptation

The mind is the most powerful muscle and can always find ways to adapt and overcome to our challenges. It is what has made our species the most dominant across the food chain. Our evolution stems from our ability to adapt and overcome. Key word beingĀ adapt.

This carries along far more than in fitness. This is what makes separates the great business tycoons from the unemployed. Look at any of the stories of any individual who had to make a name for himself and you will see a hundred difficulties that might’ve put any other individual in a state of hopelessness and despair.

Many psychologists have come to refer to this as the Growth Mindset, which was a tremendous study done over at Stanford University. The Growth Mindset is one that is always evolving and looking as challenges as opportunities for growth rather than impediments.

A Fixed Mindset, with the same challenges, will look at those same situations and believe that they were not born with the same talent as others and therefore not able to do what is necessary.

There Is No Obstacle

Forget about the physical challenges, the true growth lies in your mind. This is where you will grow to become who you should be.

The muscles, the money, the material things come only after you have been able to mentally grow to a state of mind that sees nothing as an obstacle for success.

Faith is being able to believe that no matter what may happen, you will crush whatever comes to prevent you from what you believe yourself capable to do. Forget what others have to say, they are irrelevant in this struggle for positive progress.

Adaptation Is Growth

The only opinion that matters is the one you have between your ears. The good news? You are in full control. Make sure that you make the right choice and stop at nothing to become what you could be, whether that be in your fitness journey or any other aspect of your life.

As my favorite author, James Allen, once said, “Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him to himself.”

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