Why You Should Stop Watching So Many Motivational Videos

While I am not saying that you should completely ban motivational videos completely, I encourage you to keep it a minimum.

Why is this helpful? Isn’t motivation a good thing?

Well, yes.

Motivation is great and it is the first step towards building a habit.

If you remember from my past post, habits are what will keep you going to the gym even when your will power won’t.

But let’s be honest, how many times have you gone on a motivational video spree and done absolutely nothing after?

Yeah, me too.

This is partly because when we watch motivational videos, our brains feel that we are already being productive by having the intention to want to be.

Make sense?

Same thing applies to self-help books. We read them and we feel as if we have done something positive for having read them.

Theory and Practice

There is a huge difference between theory and practice.

To read and watch something that motivates you is one thing. To actually get out of bed and work out is another.

The biggest winners of self-help books and motivational videos are those that make them.

Why is it that Tai Lopez spends so much money advertising on YouTube?

It’s his money maker, his job, his career.

If these motivational videos and courses worked so well, than why the need to produce more and more? Weren’t you supposed to already have been motivated or helped?

You Should Be Your Own Motivation

At the end of the day, you should be your biggest motivation. How can you start with this?

Find a reason that makes you want to go to the gym.

Not just any reason but a powerful one that will get you to not hit that snooze button.

Imagine yourself as fit as you can possibly be. You look damn good, don’t you?

You could be there. All you need is to get up and do the work required.

Action is the key. Watching motivational videos is not.

Check out this article on bullshit and how we easily fall for quotes that aren’t quite true.

Educational Vs. Motivational Videos

Let me be clear on one thing though, there is a huge difference between motivational videos and those that educate us.

There are videos that actually show strategies and techniques for how to have a better physique, relationship or finances.

Your job is to be able to tell apart the bullshit from the real shit.

This isn’t always easy but trust me, whenever somebody is trying too hard to sell something or promises results too quickly, run the other way and quickly.

Snake oil salesmen are a dime a dozen. True educational posts and videos are not.

Learn from figures of authority, not that idiot that tells you that you can live your dream life and have a six pack if you just purchase his course for the small price of (insert bullshit price here).

Focus On Improving YOUR Reality

If you think this post is bullshit, don’t listen to me either. If it doesn’t benefit you or teach you anything, don’t waste your time on it.

And while I don’t mean to rant on social media, we could all use a little less of it in our lives.

Focus on your present moment and your goals and I promise that your reality will be much better than what others try to portray as their “reality”.


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